Birth is the process of coming into existence which starts with the life. The pregnancy involves a long period which starts with the fertilization and ends when the baby is born. Every healthy woman has childbearing potential.

Pregnancy and labor are comprised of periods of combination of biological, physiological and psychological events and the labor. Birth of the baby is a long and slowly progressing event. Pregnancy implies that uterus protects and grows the baby throughout mean 49 weeks and the labor/birth implies that the baby first sees the light of the day. Time and duration of the labor is not accurate; the baby will determine when s/he will be born. The birth is a miraculous event which presents a new life to the family. It has deep effects on the mother and the family. It has totally different implications for each woman. Each woman giving birth has a different birth story. The story inevitably involves a midwife in addition to the mother and the baby; the most remarkable role of the midwife is to enable the mother to remember this moment as peaceful and loving memory.Briefly, bearing birth is an art of patience.

Who is the Labor Coach?

Recent increase in request to pregnancy trainings, which are commonly organized, indicates that the request to the “labor coaching” which is undertaken by midwives also increased. Expectations of the mother such as painless labor and comfortable labor should be met. Demands and expectations of the mother for the labor are managed by professionals. Those professionals should have following characteristics;

  • Scientific labor training
  • Ability to monitor the process,
  • Managing the time,
  • Offering necessary psychological and physiological comfort to parents,
  • Ability to perform intrauterine evaluation of the fetus and to interpret results,
  • Ability to coordinate gynecologist & obstetrician, anesthetist, dietician as well as all other professionals who take role in managing this service.
  • Respecting confidentiality of the mother.

Labor coaching is largely undertaken by midwifes in our country.

What does labor coach do?

Labor coach accompanies the mother throughout the labor. The mother may forget well learnt instructions even when the labor reaches most active level. Labor coach assists and supports the mother in case of following events.

  • A suitable labor environment is arranged which fulfills expectations of the mother.
  • Labor coach ensures mother to rely on her body.
  • Mother is trained on mother care under titles of pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and caring the baby and the awareness on such topics is reinforced.
  • She makes the mother and the family ready for birth.
  • She supports the mother to practice relaxation techniques.
  • She instructs and makes the mother apply breathing techniques which shall assist the labor process and the fetus.
  • She offers pain-killing and relaxing massages to the mother during labor.
  • She ensures that the mother focuses on the labor.
  • She improves motivation by reinforcing positive emotions of the mother.
  • She ensures that the mother consumes available energy in most efficient manner until the labor ends.
  • She gives appropriate instructions in order to make the mother dominate her body via pregnancy exercises.
  • She helps the mother to survive healthy breastfeeding and puerperal periods.
  • She checks vitals of the new born and she cares the baby.
  • She assists the baby in breastfeeding.
  • She ensures that puerperal period is well managed at home.

Labor coach guides the family while she offers above mentioned services and thus, emotions of love, compassion and mercy are reinforced. The profession of “midwife”, which is the oldest and sacramental profession, is a special profession which offers complete support to the mother before, during and after the labor.

From holistic view, labor coach manages the process, time and the labor.


Trainings are monthly given on Normal Labor, Baby Care/Breastfeeding and Labor in Private TOBB ETU Hospital?


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